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Brush Material Preparer

Prepare hog bristles and other brush-filling materials.

What does a Brush Material Preparer do?

Prepares hog bristles and other brush-filling materials, such as horsehair, nylon, and vegetable fibers for use in brushes: Aligns bristles, to ensure that flagged ends are together, and discards defective bristles. Ties bundle of bristles to prevent bending and places it in rack. Uses hoist to lower rack of bundles into vat of boiling water to remove natural curl of bristle. Removes rack after specified time and places it on dolly or in oven to dry. Places bundle of bristles in carton and labels carton according to length, origin, grade, and color of contents or spreads bristles in rows on tray for mixing and blending operations. Prepares other brush-filling materials by straightening, combing, cutting, and tying them according to type of material and intended use. Holds bundle of material against grinding wheel to flag ends, to trim butt ends, and to polish material. Selects filling material according to formula and lays it on workbench in prescribed manner prior to processing by mixing machine. May pack material in carton. May place bristles in sterilizer to kill germs. May dye bristles specified color, using dyeing vat. May shape, soften, and clean bristles, using machines that cut, split, and grind bristles.