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Brush Head Maker

Tend machines that glue brush bristles within ferrule to form brush head.

What does a Brush Head Maker do?

Tends machine that glues brush bristles within ferrule to form brush head, using either of following methods: Places specified weights of epoxy glue and acid in tank of pouring machine for mixing. Holds brush under machine spout that dispenses glue into ferrule to cover bristles to designated height and secure bristles in place. Places glued brush head into tray for drying. Inserts brush base, of ferrule and bristles, into holes of machine table that rotates under glue head that dispenses glue into bristles in ferrule. Removes brush head and inserts plastic core into ferrule. Positions brush head in air-operated press that forces core into position within ferrule. Places brush head in drying rack and inserts rack into oven for curing and drying.