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Broth Mixer

Tend flour sifters and vats to mix fermenting and shortening solutions.

What does a Broth Mixer do?

Tends flour sifter and vats to mix fermenting, oxidizing, and shortening solutions, according to formula: Dumps flour from bins into sifting machine, using mechanical tipping apparatus or power chain hoist. Opens valve, meters specified amount of water into fermenting vats, and adjusts thermostat to heat water to specified temperature. Measures or weighs yeast food, milk solids, salt, sugar, and enrichment ingredients, according to formula, and dumps ingredients into vats. Starts vat agitators and adds yeast at specified period to ferment solution. Opens valves and starts pumps to run solution through heat regulator to dough-mixing machine. Measures specified amounts of oxidizing solution and liquid shortening and dumps them into holding tanks. Keeps record of time and temperature readings.