Fabricate brooms from broomcorn fibers.

What does a Broommaker do?

Fabricates brooms from broomcorn fibers, using one of following methods: Inserts and clamps broom handle in winder. Threads end of wire from reel through hole in handle and nails, ties, or staples wire to handle. Places layers of fiber onto handle and depresses pedal to rotate handle to wrap wire around fiber. Spreads fibers around under wire as winder turns. Trims excess fiber around each layer, using knife. Hooks leather strap around body of broom to secure it while winding subsequent layers. Pounds fibers to pack and shape broom shoulders, using mallet. Wraps and fastens wire around neck of broom handle with stapler. Weighs brooms on scales to verify conformance to standard. Gathers cut and graded broomcorn into bundle according to size required for broom. Inserts broom handle into plastic cone and staples cone to broom handle, using stapling machine. Dips base of broomcorn bundle in pot of hot tar, inserts base into cone, flattens cone and broomcorn into fan-flare shape, using vise. Staples cone to broomcorn, using stapling machine, and stacks brooms for further processing. May pull broom through stemmer to remove coarse or short fibers.