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Brokerage Office Manager

Make sure brokerage employees are doing their job lawfully and profitably.

What does a Brokerage Office Manager do?

Anyone can open a savings account and toss money in it every month. But people who want to get a bit more creative with their money hire Brokers to help them invest in stocks, bonds, and other types of investments. Brokerage Office Managers make sure all the Brokers in their companies are well trained, behaving ethically, and making the company money.

Hiring and training people take up a significant amount of time for Brokerage Office Managers, as Brokers often leave their jobs after a few years. To determine whom to hire, you review applications, schedule interviews, and call references. After making your choice, it is your job as Brokerage Office Manager to teach that new employee all about the industry, and provide reams of homework for them to study.

To be successful, Brokers must make money for the company, and that often means maintaining contact with the same clients. Periodically, you produce reports detailing how much money each Broker is making, and you pull in failing Brokers for a pep talk. If those people don’t improve, you may be forced to replace them.

In addition to your office duties, you maintain clients of your own. By this point in your career, you already have many established clients who know and trust you, and you may simply look over their accounts and make small adjustments to their holdings to help them improve.

Everyone in your office, including you, must behave ethically. Adjusting numbers or hiding accounts simply shouldn’t be tolerated or else all of your clients will leave as soon as they get wise. So you’re on constant alert for faulty reporting, and you’re the first to terminate people who break the rules.