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Brokerage Clerk

Take orders to buy and sell stocks.

What does a Brokerage Clerk do?

If you’re interested in the buying and selling of stocks and bonds, you’re looking in the right place. Although you don’t actually do either as Brokerage Clerk, it wouldn’t get done without you. That’s because Brokerage Clerks are a pivotal part of the process. You are the liaison between the Broker and the customer. From that seat, you see all the action firsthand.

As Brokerage Clerk, you take orders from the customer and pass them on to the brokerage floor, where papers fly and securities are tossed around like a game of hot potato. Once complete, you verify that the transaction is final and matches the original order. Then you record the transaction and keep files for all of your clients. In addition, you distribute dividends and compute taxes on transactions.

This is a big responsibility. It’s a good thing you’re organized because when the boss or client calls, you need to have their information at your fingertips. You’ve also got computer know-how, especially with word processing and spreadsheet software. You use your ability to work with a variety of people in tense situations; understand how to use common office tools such as photocopiers, fax machines, multi-line phones, and email; and have a desire to produce quality results.

This is a position with a lot of opportunity for advancement. In fact, many recent college graduates start in this position, hoping for the opportunity to move into trading.