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Broadcast Checker

Ensure TV shows meet their contractual obligations to advertisers.

What does a Broadcast Checker do?

Radio and television programs have three distinct audiences: consumers, advertisers, and Lawyers. While the creative staff focuses on the consumers, the Broadcast Checker makes sure the programs meet their legal and contractual obligations.

Advertisers buy a particular amount of space on a program, and that is detailed in legal contracts. If you’re the Broadcast Checker, you sit down with a stopwatch when the show begins, and you mark down when the ads are played and how long they are. Some television advertisers sneak their products onto the show itself, and Broadcast Checkers perform the task of timing how long those items appear on the screen.

Advertisers may specify that certain types of issues don’t appear in shows that they sponsor. This means you must also monitor the content of the stories themselves, and look for violations. If you spot a violation, you call your boss immediately.

Both television and radio programs must adhere to the laws of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). There can be no profanity on most shows, for example, and nudity is often not allowed. If you screen for these problems, you also time how long the violations last, and you fine the station for breaking the law.

Watching television or listening to the radio all day may sound soothing, but the fact is these jobs are technical and you must be on the alert at all times. Eating popcorn and chatting with your buddies while you work simply isn’t allowed. Instead, you’ll be on the edge of your seat and constantly taking down notes.