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Broaching Machine Set Up Operator

Set up and operate broaching machines to broach metal workpieces.

What does a Broaching Machine Set Up Operator do?

Sets up and operates one or more broaching machines to broach internal or external cylindrical or flat surfaces of metal workpieces according to specifications, tooling instructions, standard charts, and knowledge of broaching: Reads blueprint, job order, or specifications to determine dimensions and tolerances, and tooling instructions, such as holding fixtures, cutting speed, and cutting tools to be used. Lifts workpiece manually or with hoist and positions and secures it in fixture. Installs broach or ram, using wrenches. Moves controls to set specified depth of cut and ram speed, and to start ram that pushes or pulls broach along surface of work. Pulls lever to start flow of coolant or lubricant on work area. Verifies conformance of broached workpiece to specifications, using measuring instruments, such as fixed gauges, calipers, and micrometers. May broach nonmetallic materials. May change worn broaches, using handtools.