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Briquette Operator

Tend vacuum screens that screen magnesium liquors.

What does a Briquette Operator do?

Tends vacuum screen that screens magnesium liquor and briquette press equipment that presses screened residue to form briquettes of periclase: Flips control panel switches to start multilevel arrangement of vacuum screen feeder wheel, vacuum screen hearth kiln, and briquette press. Observes vacuum screen feeder wheel to verify that cups positioned on feeder wheel are full of magnesium liquor for emptying onto vacuum screen. Turns dials on control panel to adjust speed of vacuum screen feeder wheel and vacuum screen to control thickness of filter cake, following prescribed procedure. Reads counter on feeder wheel to determine revolutions per hour and records totals in logbook. Moves control knobs to adjust amount of filter cake fed from hearth furnace onto conveyor and into briquette press. Turns knobs to regulate speed and pressure of briquette rollers that form briquettes. Observes indicator lights and gauges on control panels to detect equipment malfunction and notifies supervisor. Records equipment downtime in logbook.