Briquette Machine Operator

Operate machines to mix and mold ingredients to produce fuel briquettes.

What does a Briquette Machine Operator do?

Operates machines and equipment to dehydrate, pulverize, mix, and mold ingredients to produce fuel briquettes: Shovels or empties sacks of materials into hoppers or bins, or starts elevator-conveyors. Turns valves, handwheels, or rheostats to move and control flow of fuels, water, and dry or liquid binders to machines. Starts conveyors, rotary drier, mixers, pulverizer, mixing augers, and compressing machines. Inspects briquettes and adjusts flow of materials to produce briquettes of specified dimensions. Removes and replaces broken bolts and worn shafts, using handtools. Lubricates machinery or directs oiling of equipment. May be designated according to type of briquette produced as Barbecue-Briquette-Machine Operator; Charcoal-Briquette-Machine Operator; Coal-Briquette-Machine Operator.