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Brine Maker II

Tend equipment that mix brine solutions.

What does a Brine Maker II do?

Tends equipment that mixes brine solution of specified sulfur-dioxide concentration in vat to bleach and preserve cherries prior to processing them into maraschino cherries: Turns valve and observes volume indicators to fill vat with specified volume of water. Screws hose coupling on outlet valve of sulfur-dioxide gas container, using wrench, and lowers other end of hose into water. Reads chart and gauges and opens valve to admit specified amount of gas into vat to obtain solution of specified concentration. Draws sample of brine solution from vat and tests it for volumetric concentration, using test equipment and reagents, such as starch and iodine. May add lime, according to formula, and in proportion to volume of brine and ripeness of cherries to provide firming agent. Mixes lime in solution, using paddle. May pump brine from vat into plastic-lined bins filled with cherries.