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Brim-Pouncing Machine Operator

Tend machines that abrade felt hat brims to smooth brims.

What does a Brim-Pouncing Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that abrades felt hat brims to smooth brims and remove excess fibers: Positions hat in guide between feed and sanding rollers of machine. Depresses pedal to start machine that forces brim against abrasive cone, removing excess fibers and smoothing brim. Removes hat from machine, inverts, and repositions hat to smooth other side of brim. Feels brim surface to ascertain that specified texture has been attained and removes hat. Turns setscrew to remove and replace sanding cone, using screwdriver. When tending machine that abrades brims by action of sandpaper pads mounted on adjustable arms, is designated Jigger-Brim-Pouncing-Machine Operator.