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Brilliandeer Lopper

Cut and polish facets, tables, and culets on diamonds.

What does a Brilliandeer Lopper do?

Cuts and polishes facets, table, and culet on diamonds, using table-mounted polishing plate: Mixes bort, starts motor that spins plate, applies bort to plate with fingers, and presses leather strap against plate to work bort into surface. Positions diamond in cup of dop and aligns dop in holding device to set angle of diamond for cutting. Lowers diamond onto spinning plate, exercising core to prevent damaging diamond. Positions holding device between guide pins on table or holds device in hands and regulates pressure of diamond against spinning plate with hand or metal weight. Examines diamond frequently to ensure that angle and position of cuts are within specified limits. Measures cuts, using loupe and gauges, and feels diamond to determine that cuts are with grain. Removes and replaces polishing plate as necessary, using wrench. May saw diamonds, using bench lathe. May cut and polish facets, tables, and culets on girdled diamonds and be designated Blocker. May be designated according to section of diamond cut as Bezel Cutter; Pavilion Cutter.