Bridge Instructor

Help beginners play bridge by teaching them the rules of the game.

What does a Bridge Instructor do?

Card games allow people to truly spend time together. They interact, watch and listen to one another, and try to beat each other to demonstrate their superiority. One of these card games is bridge, a game of two against two, with incredibly complicated rules. It is the job of Bridge Instructors to teach people how to play the game.

Bridge Instructors usually work in locations that contain large numbers of people who need to fill the days without dying of boredom. Cruise ships, nursing homes, and juvenile detention facilities are all examples. If you’re a Bridge Instructor, your first task may be to design flyers to hang up, describing how wonderful bridge is and enticing people to sign up.

You bring multiple sets of cards with you for your class. You place the cards on the table and assume the roles of all four players, outlining how the game is played and scored. You talk slowly and clearly for your students, and answer any questions they may have. Once they have an idea how bridge is played, you ask four students to play a game, coaching each one of them as the game progresses.

Learning a new, complicated game can be a bit frustrating for students, so you sprinkle in compliments and words of encouragement along with your instructions. You may also write and bring handouts for them to study between lessons. The more lessons you provide, the better they’ll become. In fact, you’ll feel a blend of pride and shame when your students begin to beat you in bridge.