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Bridal Consultant



Help would-be brides plan their weddings.

What does a Bridal Consultant do?

A Bridal Consultant helps a bride-to-be plan, coordinate, and emotionally navigate her journey to the altar. Essentially, you do the legwork of the wedding planning process (researching things like where to go dress shopping, what flowers go with the color scheme, and who offers great photography at a fabulous price).

Your objective is to take the time-consuming and stressful task of planning a wedding out of the bride-to-be’s hands, so that she fulfills the wedding of her dreams without getting mired down in the process and abandoning the rest of her life. Your work will hopefully keep any potential Bridezillas at bay.

You may work freelance or as part of a wedding or event planning firm. You will likely work on a percentage basis (5 to 20% of the cost of the wedding), but occasionally, Bridal Consultants receive an hourly wage.

Your first duty upon getting a new client is to meet with the bride-to-be (and sometimes the groom) to assess their needs and to get an idea of the budget. You then prepare a detailed budget and checklist of everything that needs to be done before the wedding, such as sending out invitations, making travel arrangements, hiring service providers, preparing a guest list, and so on. When it comes to details like floral arrangements or reception venues, your job is to present the bride with a carefully edited list of options so she can take her pick. You may also be responsible for planning pre- and post-wedding events, such as showers and honeymoons.

On the day of the wedding, you run the show, making sure everything goes as planned, and handling any emergencies that may arise.

Being a Bridal Consultant can be a very fun and rewarding job. You help people as they plan one of the happiest days of their lives. You have the huge and important responsibility of fulfilling the dreams of brides who have probably been planning their wedding day since girlhood.

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