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Brewery Pumper

Suction beer from tank to tank to produce fermented perfection.

What does a Brewery Pumper do?

While drinking beer might be easy, making beer certainly is not. Often, beer is moved from tank to tank multiple times as it ferments. It is the job of Brewery Pumpers to run the machinery that keeps the beer moving.

As Brewery Pumper, you start by finding out where the beer should be pumped and when you should start the flow. Next, you pull out hoses and clamps, making sure they’re clean and free of debris. Then you attach the hoses to the tank and get the beer flowing.

You may stop the flow periodically and take small samples of beer out of the line. You don’t drink the beer, of course; you just use the samples to check for bacteria and other problems.

Sometimes, you run multiple pumps at the same time, pumping two different tanks of beer into one tank to make a final blend that’s smooth and drinkable. The Brewmaster tells you how much of one type of beer should be in the final blend, and how much of the other type should fill in the gaps. You follow these directions to the letter, and bring the Brewmaster a sample from the completed blend to make sure it tastes just right.

When you’re done pumping beer, you clean all of your hoses, clamps, and tanks to prepare them for the next project. You flush them with water and chemicals, and you use wire brushes to scour them completely. Brewery Pumpers generally spend most of the day with wet hands, so you’ll become accustomed to looking puckered and prune-like. You sacrifice your vanity, though, for the chance to be surrounded by glorious beer all day long.