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Brewery Cellerman

Assist the head Brewer in ensuring beer-tanks are clean and uncontaminated.

What does a Brewery Cellerman do?

Beer’s pretty great stuff! Even Benjamin Franklin said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” If you think truer words were never spoken, and hope to work towards the continued creation of beers, then the job of a Brewery Cellerman will fit you perfectly.

The job of Brewery Cellerman is found in breweries all over, and supports the work of the Head Brewer. As a Brewery Cellerman, you make sure that everything stays clean and uncontaminated during brewing. You’re the person who cleans the brewing tanks and oversees the CIP system (essentially, a fancy cleaning system that sprays down tanks and hoses between batches of beer). You also watch over the fermentation process, making sure everything goes correctly.

It’s your job to check that no cross-contamination from other batches of beer or leftover yeast occurs. If the fermentation of the yeast goes badly, it can drastically alter the taste of the beer, and change or ruin the final product. You also oversee the filtration of the beer, again checking to make sure that things go as they should in the tanks.

After each batch of beer has been brewed, you shift your focus to overseeing the transfer and packaging of the beer into individual bottles or kegs. Apart from these general duties, you support the Brewers in any way possible.

This job calls for a pretty good knowledge of the brewing process, and most Cellermen work their way into it from a lower position within the brewery.