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Combine barley and yeast to make tasty beer.

What does a Brewer do?

A brewer makes beer. However, depending on the type of brewery, the type of beer, the location, and the size of the brewery, there’s a lot of variance in your responsibilities.

Brewers are responsible for almost the entire process of creating and distributing beer. In small breweries, you may be responsible for every step from choosing the correct ingredients, fermenting and creating the beer, bottling, taste testing, and even distributing the product. These types of breweries are usually referred to as craft breweries, and your position there would be named a craft brewer.

As a brewery grows, more brewers, marketing personnel, deliverymen, etc., may be brought on to deal with increasing volume. The process of brewing becomes subdivided, with one person instructed to watch over the fermentation, one person overseeing the malting and so forth. At a brewery the size of Anheuser Busch, your job is much more specific, and more dependent on scientific measurements than taste tests.

If you are in a position of management at a brewery, you should have a successful business sense (or be able to hire somebody with one) in order to make your breweries successful. In addition to brewing beer, you need to be able to price out and maintain equipment, manage a production schedule, and monitor operating costs. For the right person, it can be a rewarding, and one might say intoxicating career.

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