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Break Press Operator

Program industrial bending machines to shape metal.

What does a Break Press Operator do?

A brake press is a large machine that’s used to bend metal sheets into predetermined shapes. As a Break Press Operator, you use this machine all day long, and you make sure it is well maintained.

Your job as a Break Press Operator is highly technical. You’re given a set of blueprints and you study them closely. If a computer runs your brake press, you input the data from the blueprints into the computer, and carefully feed the metal sheets into the machine. You inspect the finished piece closely, and take measurements to make sure it matches the drawing perfectly.

While the Break Press Operator is not responsible for writing the code that runs the brake press, you must be familiar enough with computers to tweak the code slightly to meet the needs of specific projects.

If a computer does not run your brake press, your job is slightly more difficult, and you have increased bragging rights. You also use blueprints to help guide your machine, but you operate levers and gauges to physically move parts of the brake press to bend and shape the metal. You’ll develop a feel for how your machine functions, and your work will become more and more precise with time. As you become more skilled, you may sneer at your counterparts who work with computers, while envying their ability to work at fast speeds.

When you’re not using your machine, you take tender care of it to make sure it’s ready to start work again. You may take portions of the machine apart and oil the gears. Sometimes, you make minor repairs, such as changing belts and replacing parts.