Break and Load Operator

Tend machines that break resistor plates.

What does a Break and Load Operator do?

Tends machine that breaks resistor plates along previously scored lines and loads resistors into magazines for further processing: Attaches guides of specified size to track on machine that feeds resistors into magazine, using allen wrench. Snaps magazine onto machine. Breaks scrap edges from plates. Places plates into feed mechanism of machine and starts machine that automatically breaks plates into columns of resistors which slide down track. Taps column of resistors at bottom of track, using plastic rod, to break column into single resistors that fall into magazine. Clears machine jams, using plastic rod or tweezers. Breaks plates by hand to remove premarked, defective resistors. Fills out job order and production report. Cleans machine and work station, using brush. Carries magazines to storage room and picks up box of plates for next work order.