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Brazing Machine Setter

Set up a variety of brazing machines which braze metal components.

What does a Brazing Machine Setter do?

Sets up variety of brazing machines which braze or solder metal components, according to blueprint, work order, data chart, and layout specifications: Selects, positions, aligns, and bolts holding fixtures, guides, and stops onto machine to position and hold workpieces, using measuring instruments and handtools. Selects or bends tubing and wire to form heating coils, installs coils to electrodes, and turns knobs to set electrical current when setting up induction-brazing machines [BRAZER, INDUCTION]. Connects hoses from cylinders of oxygen and fuel gas, such as acetylene or natural gas, to regulator valves and one or more welding torches. Selects and installs nozzles to torches. Turns valves and installs gears and cams to set timing devices which shut off electrical current or gas pressure, move workpieces, or fill coils with water to cool workpiece after brazing, and synchronize movement of conveyor or rotary table with brazing action. May install positioning or ejecting fixtures. Makes trial runs, readjusts machine, and records setup data. May set up thermal brazing machines [BRAZING-MACHINE OPERATOR]. May set up resistance-brazing machines [BRAZER, RESISTANCE]; brazing furnaces [BRAZER, FURNACE]; and gas welding machines [WELDING-MACHINE OPERATOR, GAS].