Brass Wind Instrument Maker

Fabricate or alter brass-wind instrument parts.

What does a Brass Wind Instrument Maker do?

Fabricates or alters brass-wind instrument parts, and assembles parts into completed instruments, ascertaining fabrication and assembly procedures from standard or customer’s specifications: Reads specifications and makes calculations to determine procedures for fabricating and assembling instrument. Sets up and operates drawbench, bandsaw, and lathe to draw, cut, and machine instrument tubing. Bends tubing around forming blocks by hand. Measures tubing, using rule, to locate position of holes to be drilled for pistons and valve casings. Operates drill press, honing machine, and lapping machine to drill, hone, and lap metal components. Solders piston and valve components, using silver and soft solder. Hammers bell neck around bell-shaped mandrel, and brazes seams with oxyacetylene torch. Operates spinning lathe to shape bell head around mandrel. Assembles parts, such as braces, slides, valves, pistons, and bell head to form completed instrument, using handtools, measuring devices, and soldering iron. Plates assembled instrument with nickel, copper, or silver [PLATER]. May repair brass-wind instruments. May be designated according to instrument or part made as Saxophone Assembler; Valve Maker I.