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Brass Teacher

Teach trumpet, sax, or bassoon players how to master their instruments.

What does a Brass Teacher do?

Musicians who play brass instruments, such as the trumpet, French horn, and tuba, use their lips to produce sound. They pucker and blow through mouthpieces, and the quality of the pucker determines the quality of the sound. Brass Musicians who want to improve their pucker technique head to Brass Teachers for lessons.

Students who sign up for lessons with Brass Teachers may already know the fundamentals of their instruments. So when you’re a Brass Teacher, it’s unlikely that you have to teach students how to put together the instruments and read music. But those students may have bad habits that you need to correct. At the beginning of the lesson, you watch them play and you develop a lesson plan.

Students who need to work on their pucker and breathing techniques benefit from watching videos of expert Brass Players and watching you demonstrate proper technique. Students who need to work on their posture benefit from your gentle poking, prodding, and verbal correction. It’s your job as the Brass Teacher to spend time on these fundamentals.

Giving your students challenging music to play can help them improve their technique and technical prowess. You describe the history of the music and point out some particularly difficult passages, and ask the students to practice the music at home. During the next lesson, you check on their progress by asking them to play the piece again.

To show off your hard work and the talent of your students, you hold recitals. You choose music for each student to play, and you stand in the wings as they perform each piece. When your students perform beautifully, more students flock to your studio for lessons.