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Brand Strategist

Turn a brand into a household name.

What does a Brand Strategist do?

In the Wild West, branding was simple. A Cowboy bent metal into a distinctive shape, heated it up, and burned it into the flesh of livestock. Modern branding is much more difficult. Companies may spend thousands, or even millions, trying to distill their message into just a few words and one snazzy visual that can be printed on their products and used in their advertising campaigns.

A Brand Strategist is instrumental in this work. In fact, the Brand Strategist may drive the process from start to finish.

As a Brand Strategist, you know the age, income bracket, gender, favorite color, and buying patterns of the consumers your company wants to sell to. You may do surveys on a monthly, or even weekly, basis in order to grab that information. Then, you begin to think of ways to reach those people.

The company’s President or members of the board of Directors may also have messages they’d like to get across. Perhaps they’re associated with value now, but they’d like to be thought of as an expensive, luxurious company. Your brand plans must include these ideas as well.

With an idea firmly in place, you pull together a team of workers. Graphic Artists design logos and color palettes under your direction. Writers come up with snappy catchphrases based on your guidance. Media Buyers snap up television spots and print advertisements that your buyers are sure to see.

Then, you watch the sales numbers carefully to see if your plan is working. If it is, sales will go up. If not, you tweak your plans.