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Brand Manager



Create strategies to increase a product's popularity.

Salary Range

$75,425 - $110,000

Salary range derived from OFLC job titles

What does a Brand Manager do?

A brand manager creates and implements marketing strategies for a company’s name, public image, and products. If you are able to get things done, enjoy talking and selling to others, can really concentrate on details, and like to direct multiple groups of people, then a career as a brand manager could be a good fit for you.

When you’re a brand manager, you’re given a product—which might be a shampoo bottle or a company image— to sell and, ideally, turn into a household name. A great example of this is Kleenex: although it’s actually a brand name, it’s what most people ask for when they’re about to sneeze. You gauge your success through conducting market research, which polls customers to find out how aware they are of certain brands.

On a typical day you might be checking up on your product’s marketing campaign, keeping track of competitors’ strategies, and adjusting the design of your product or its marketing strategy. You work with the different branches of a company like finance, distribution, or marketing to come up with the best way to present your product as something your customers will need, not just want.

The best brand managers are competitive, love selling, and are results oriented. In fact, you can think of this job almost as a competition–there is a set amount of the market available, and it’s your job to grab as much of it as possible.

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