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Brand Identity Designer



Bring instant recognition to a company with your logo designs.

What does a Brand Identity Designer do?

Visual identity can make or break a company, which means Brand Identity Designers have a lot of power in their hands. Because consciously or not, consumers use a company’s logo and visual brand as a first impression to judge whether the company is trustworthy, friendly, cool, benevolent, or innovative. As a Brand Identity Designer you create the logo and visual design for a company, meaning you have control over that first impression.

A Brand Identity Designer is a type of Graphic Designer – but, more than just an eye for design, you need to be good with words and ideas and have business sense to be a successful Brand Identity Designer. When a company asks you to invent or reinvent its visual brand, you start by researching and analyzing the company’s identity. Based on what you find out, you’ll come up with a strategy for the company’s brand identity and propose it to the management.

Once you all agree on a strategy, then comes the fun part: the design. You’ll play with illustrations, colors, shapes, fonts, and lines to create a variety of possible logos and other visual elements on signage, packaging, promotional materials, websites, business cards, stationery, and more.

There’s a lot of pressure to succeed, since your work is so close to the heart of the company. If the bosses don’t like your designs, you have to be willing to scrap all your ideas-even if you think they’re the best ideas you’ve ever had-and go back to the drawing board. Loyal customers will also have strong opinions about the redesign, and you’ll soon know whether you’ve performed a dazzling makeover or a disappointing flop.

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