Brake Operator II

Tend power brakes that bend, punch, form, roll, or straighten metal sheets.

What does a Brake Operator II do?

Tends power brake that bends, punches, forms, rolls, arcs, or straightens metal sheets, plates, and bars: Positions work manually or with crane against stops, or aligns layout marks to dies. Brushes oil on dies and workpiece. Starts machine to lower ram and shape workpiece. Tightens die nuts to prevent movement of die, using wrenches. Inspects work for conformance to specifications, using rule, square, or templates. Cleans scale or scrap from die with airhose or brush. May depress pedal to lower ram and shape workpiece. May tend furnace to preheat metal to specified temperatures before bending. May be designated according to material shaped as Brake Operator, Sheet Metal II.