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Braille Instructor

Teach Braille to blind students.

What does a Braille Instructor do?

Special Education Teachers make it possible for students with physical or mental disabilities to learn math, reading, and writing like other students. When the children (or adults) have poor vision or are completely blind, Braille allows them to learn to read with their fingers, opening a whole new world of information in a language they can understand. Braille Instructors have the rewarding job of teaching students how to read Braille.

As a Braille Instructor, you’re a certified Teacher who commonly works at the elementary level. However, you might also work with adults who lost their vision later in life or never learned how to read Braille. You might find Braille Instructor jobs at public or private schools, or even offer your services on a freelance basis.

Braille uses a combination of raised bumps to signify letters and words. Much like any other language, the process of teaching Braille begins with assessing the student’s current knowledge. In contrast to the typical classroom, however, you work with smaller groups of individuals and provide more personalized attention.

Once you’ve established what the student brings to the table, you begin teaching techniques for feeling the letters and remembering what the symbols mean. This allows you to use your creativity and upbeat attitude to help students stay motivated, deal with frustration, and build their confidence. Before you know it, that shy student who’d never attempted Braille will be reading you stories.