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Braider Operator

Set up and operate battery of automatic braiding machines.

What does a Braider Operator do?

Sets up and operates battery of automatic braiding machines that cover electric wire and cable with insulating material, such as cotton yarn, rubber tape, fiberglass, or fine steel, copper, and aluminum strands: Places bobbins of insulating material on machine spindles and threads strands through braiding head according to pattern draft which specifies lay and sequence of braiding. Locks spool of wire to be insulated in payoff spindle; threads wire through machine guides, footage counter, and braiding head; and turns setscrews to control tension of wire. Adjusts traverse attachment to ensure even winding of wire. Starts machine and winds braided wire around capstan and onto takeoff spool. Replaces empty bobbins and ties broken threads. May repair thread breaks, using brush and glue.