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Boxing Trainer



Show boxers how to jab, weave and train for their next big fight.

What does a Boxing Trainer do?

Tasked with molding a Prizefighter or simply improving his left hook, a Boxing Trainer is one of the most important factors in honing a Boxer ‘s skills in the ring. Anyone who’s seen Rocky or Million Dollar Baby knows the significance of a good Boxing Trainer.

In the position of Boxing Trainer, you’re the Coach in the Boxer’s corner. To whip your client into shape and help him perfect his every punch, you can take the training approach of the best friend, the expert strategist, or the conditioning coach with the clipboard and stopwatch.

Whatever your style, you’re an important figure in the boxing world, charged with analyzing your client’s skills as well as his opponent’s, and creating a combination of strategy and strength. Whether you’re training the next Tyson or Ali at a private gym, or simply teaching a novice how to properly throw a punch at a club or local gym, your job is to find potential. A Boxer’s raw talent is important, but not as much as his ability to improve through continual training.

Your training might start with some warm-ups, such as going for a run, jumping rope, or hitting a speed bag. Next, you focus on individual techniques tailored to your client’s needs. Does he want to be faster? Stronger? Maybe he needs to improve a single type of hit.

A killer uppercut or body blow doesn’t happen by accident. You have to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your coaching that results in creativity, understanding, and even chemistry with your client.

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