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Boxing Manager

Turn amateur fighters into champion Boxers.

What does a Boxing Manager do?

A Boxer’s career is like a plant. It starts as a seed below ground, then gradually grows until its flowers are big and bold enough to be noticed. In the sport of boxing, then, Boxing Managers are Gardeners, paid to grow Boxers’ careers by fertilizing them with opportunities and advice.

Or, think of a Boxing Manager as a CEO. Instead of a company, however, you manage an individual, making strategic business decisions that will make your product – your Boxer – popular and profitable.

Whichever analogy you prefer, you typically start with an amateur or unknown Boxer. To turn that person from an aspiring fighter into a Professional Athlete, you first assemble a team to help you. That team might include a Coach, for instance, or a Physical Trainer, and perhaps even a Nutritionist, as well as a Boxing Promoter, a Publicist, and an Attorney, not to mention a rotating cast of sparring partners – anyone who can help the Boxer develop the physique, skills, and reputation necessary to win boxing matches.

Once you’ve assembled a team, you oversee and facilitate the Boxer’s training. You schedule his training and workout sessions, for instance, and provide his boxing equipment, supplies, and clothing. You also find him a gym and, sometimes, pay his room and board. Finally, when he’s ready to compete, you find him suitable opponents and venues, then arrange his fights and other business dealings – endorsements and appearances, for example – which involves negotiating payment and contract terms.

As a Boxing Manager, you’re basically the athletic equivalent of a Venture Capitalist: You invest in a person as if he were a business, hoping to turn a man into a champion, and a champion into a windfall!