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Compete in boxing matches all across the country.

What does a Boxer do?

A Boxer is a Professional Athlete who engages in hand-to-hand combat in front of live audiences. While most jobs reward you with a small bonus or extra day off when you do well, and a demerit or warning when you don’t, the rewards for a Boxer are much sweeter and the punishments much meaner. After all, the job isn’t pushing pencils; it’s throwing, dodging, and blocking punches – and serious guts demand serious glory.

Because your goal as a Boxer is winning, your job demands more than fighting actual fights; it also requires constant conditioning, intense training, and disciplined dieting, all of which help you achieve peak physical condition. A typical workout routine might involve long runs, cycling, jumping rope, climbing stairs, and lifting weights, followed by boxing practice with a Coach and sparring partner.

When you’re not exercising or training, you’re eating: A Boxer must be in a certain weight division, or class, to compete, and that requires building and maintaining lean muscle mass with a diet that’s high in calories, carbohydrates, and protein.

Although you spend the majority of your days preparing for matches, the main event is obviously the fights themselves, which require giving and receiving a series of hooks, jabs, and uppercuts during several three-minute rounds – up to 25 of them in a single match – in a ring with your opponent until the Referee declares one of you the winner. If it’s you, you get a fancy belt, a title, and a cash prize (which may or may not compensate for your black eyes, fat lips, and broken teeth!).

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