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Box Office Manager



Oversee box office operations, maximize revenue from the sale of tickets, and offer the highest standard of customer care.

What does a Box Office Manager do?

As a box office manager, also known as treasurer, you supervise the business component of all live show events and productions. It is your duty to not only track the sale of all tickets, but also to keep records of transfers, and make sure that the money transferred between the venue and the patron is secure. You also create and develop fund-raising ideas.

Customer service for all theater patrons, visiting companies, and external ticket agencies is a key responsibility, as well as maximizing all revenue-generating opportunities. You need specific skills such as understanding people and the organization, strong interpersonal skills, computer literacy, and a good knowledge of inventory control and cash operations.

A proven capacity to communicate with the public, as well as retail experience, are usually a prerequisite for this position. A bachelor’s degree or experience in customer support, cash flow, and people management are all useful skills. Your primary skills should be management, fiscal management, and communication. Familiarity with the use of Ticket Master System and the ability to coordinate with the internal workforce to manage ticket marketing is an advantage. Communication and interaction with marketing personnel and strategic thinking to enhance sales are also essential.

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