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Keep bars and patrons safe from unruly people or crowds.

What does a Bouncer do?

A Bouncer is the gatekeeper with the velvet rope who decides who gets to go in to a club and who doesn’t. Bouncers are the main security system for a bar, nightclub, restaurant, or special event. And as Bouncer, one of your biggest jobs is to keep troublemakers out of, and away from, the facility you’re working at.

When no one gets hurt on your watch, it’s a great sign that you’ve had a successful shift. Crowds can become unruly fairly easily, so keeping the peace is a big undertaking on your part.

Your duties include checking identifications, making sure no minors are admitted, and seeing to it that people who are obviously intoxicated stay out. You also break up fights, keep control of the crowd, and kick people out of the club if they have caused some disturbance.

You report directly to the management of the place, and if they ask you to get rid of someone, then you have to do that. You may be given a list that you have to work off of, or you may be asked to admit only a certain number of people at one time. Or perhaps there’s a dress code, an age limit, or a certain “look” that management wants. Whatever the guidelines, you follow them, and make sure the facility you’re working at stays up to par.