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Boring Mill Operator

Punch holes in parts so the final assembled object fits together snugly.

What does a Boring Mill Operator do?

Contrary to the title, working as a Boring Mill Operator is anything but boring. Boring, in this sense, refers to the process of drilling or punching holes rather than uninteresting work. Boring Mill Operators oversee machines that create components or molds for larger objects.

For example, when looking at a toaster, most people think of it as a whole object used to produce toast or bagels. What they fail to notice is all of the parts that must work together to create the final product.

As a Boring Mill Operator, you work with machines to produce individual parts of a whole object. You may operate a machine that drills the holes where the lever that drops the bread into the toaster is attached. Or you may punch the holes for the screws in the plastic or metal casing (the “outside” of the toaster). The completed product cannot function without your contribution.

Operating the machines also involves making sure they function as intended. You inspect them for signs of wear, such as broken or loose parts, so problems are avoided. If repairs are not made, the machines may fail, causing the entire production line to stop. This means lost profits for the company.

Attention to detail is essential in this position, as you are also responsible for monitoring the quality of the parts produced. Seeing the finished product on store shelves, and in the homes of friends and family, is sure to provide a sense of pride and accomplishment.