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Boring Machine Operator

Set up and operate single- or multiple-spindle boring machines.

What does a Boring Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates single- or multiple-spindle boring machine to bore holes in wooden parts: Examines blueprints, drawings, samples, or written specifications to ascertain size, type, and setting of boring tools, stops, jigs, and guides to be used. Inserts specified number and size bits in chucks of boring heads according to location specified for holes in stock. Adjusts spindle locations and stops to regulate spacing and depth of bore, using rule or template and wrenches. Turns handwheels to move table and guides to center stock under bits and regulate depth of bore. Starts machine, places wood on table against guides, and moves lever or depresses pedal to activate pneumatic clamps that hold stock in place and to engage wood with rotating bits. Measures location and depth of holes and compares measurements with work order and pattern specifications to verify accuracy of machine setup. Stacks bored material on handtruck and attaches work ticket where specified. Cleans machine, using airhose and rags. May be designated according to machine operated as Boring-Machine Operator, Double End; Boring-Machine Operator, Horizontal; Boring-Machine Operator, Vertical; Cluster-Bore Operator; Gang-Bore Operator. May operate boring machine to bore, ream, and countersink bungholes in barrels and be designated Bunghole Borer.