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Bookmobile Librarian

Share books with the world by driving and managing a moveable bookmobile.

What does a Bookmobile Librarian do?

The bookmobile is an extension of your local library. Sometimes, it’s the only access to library materials for people who don’t drive, have mobility issues, or live in rural areas.

You’ve seen one: the painted bus or van parked at the school, hospital, or grange hall. But have you ever been inside? If not, you’d be impressed!

This isn’t a hokey selection of a few novels. Some bookmobiles haul 6,000 items, ranging from books on tape to research materials to compact discs. It’s a book lover’s movable paradise, and if you’re a Bookmobile Librarian, it’s also your kingdom.

As a Bookmobile Librarian, you’re a trained Librarian who drives, stocks, and manages a bookmobile. It’s your job to make a plan for the bus so that patrons know where to find you. That means you create a schedule for your area of town (or the country).

Next, you advertise. You let people know where you’ll be, and when.

Communication is a huge part of your job. Many Bookmobile Librarians get to know their customers quite well. After all, it’s a much more personal experience than working at a regular library.

With your customer’s needs in mind, you stock the bookmobile with a wide selection of items. If you know that the grade school is requiring a report on birds, you load up the research material. If you know three people on the south side of town who devour science fiction, that makes your must-pack list, too.

If you love books, and being around people who love them as much as you do, this job is perfect for you. What better way to share to your passion for reading with others than to literally bring the library to them?