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Booking Manager



Book performers, theatrical productions, nightclub acts and concert series.

What does a Booking Manager do?

Books performers, theatrical or ballet productions, variety or nightclub acts, concert or lecture series, trade shows, or other popular or classical attractions for entertainment in various establishments, such as theaters, showplaces, clubs, or halls: Schedules attractions for season, considering such factors as entertainment policy, budget, and tastes of patrons of particular establishment represented. Negotiates with booking representatives or producers of attractions to arrange terms of contract, play dates, and fees to be paid for engagements. Auditions new talent. Arranges for billing in accordance with contract agreement. Books motion pictures for exhibit into theater chains or independent houses. Selects and rents pictures to be exhibited on basis of potential box-office sales, cast of players, advertising allotment allowed by distributor, and similar factors. May specialize in in-house bookings and be designated according to establishment as Concert Or Lecture Hall Manager; Showplace Manager. May specialize in independent bookings and be designated according to type of talent or of entertainment package represented and placed as Artists’ Booking Representative; Theatrical Variety Agent. May specialize in rental and distribution of motion pictures and be designated Film Booker. May represent popular or rock musical groups only and be designated Band Booker. When sponsoring, managing, and producing an entertainment, may be designated Impresario.

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