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Book-Sewing-Machine Operator II

Set up and operate machines to sew gathered and collated signatures.

What does a Book-Sewing-Machine Operator II do?

Sets up and operates machine to sew gathered and collated signatures into book form for binding: Pulls thread through lubrication box, thread guides, and needle to thread machine, and soaks bobbins of thread in water to lubricate thread. Places book under needle, sets presser foot to thickness of book, and turns setscrews to adjust length of stitch. Pushes book under presser foot with back against guide, depresses pedal to activate needle, and sews through length of book. Feeds and sews books in succession until delivery trough is full. Stops machine, cuts threads connecting books, and stacks separated books. May stitch endpapers to top and bottom of signatures. May operate machine equipped with multiple needles. May be known by type of book stitched and be designated Blankbook-Stitching-Machine Operator II. May specialize in stitching trimmed or shaved spine of books for rebinding.