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Book Reviewer

Read advance copies of novels and write up your critique for readers.

What does a Book Reviewer do?

Some people are addicted to coffee. Others to nicotine. Still others can’t stop biting their nails. An especially rare breed of addict, however, is hooked on books.

If you’re a bibliophile, your dream job is probably that of Book Reviewer, in which case your job is reading — and yes, reviewing — books. Also known as a Book Critic, a Book Reviewer is a conduit of literary culture, deciding what books, Authors and Publishers are good and which ones are great, as well as which ones are dreadful, disappointing and dim.

In so doing, you’re a trendsetter, as your choice of books often can influence the world’s fickle literary tastes. When you decide you like “Harry Potter,” for instance, readers might decide they like fantasy fiction; and when you give the President ‘s new memoir a thumbs-down, they might just as quickly decide they hate autobiographies.

Typically employed by newspapers, magazines and websites, as well as reviewing houses, your job as Book Reviewer works like this: When a Publisher is releasing a new book, they’ll send you a free advance copy and ask you to review it. If you agree, you’ll read the book and write a review, which includes not only a summary of the plot, but also commentary about the Author and his or her writing style, as well as a critical analysis of the book’s audience, themes, strengths and weaknesses.

Along with free books, a major job perk is adoration: When they find a Reviewer they like, many people will choose their books based solely on his or her opinion.