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Book Jacket Cover Machine Operator

Tend machines that combine paper and plastic films.

What does a Book Jacket Cover Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that combines paper and plastic film to be used as jacket covers for books: Mounts rolls of paper and plastic film on machine holders, using hoist, and installs roll of adhesive tape on either side of machine. Splices ends of paper, plastic, and tape to ends of previous rolls. Changes rubber stamps on printing roll to print specified data, fills inkpot and glue reservoir, and adjusts forming bar and makes other machine alterations to conform to size specifications. Starts machine, gradually increasing speed by depressing foot lever, and observes machine operation as machine glues paper and plastic film together, cuts it to size, and tapes edges. Measures width and length of finished covers and adjusts machine to obtain specified size. Replenishes stock, clears jams, and makes operating adjustments as required.