Bonsai Grower

Mold tiny Japanese trees with care and skill.

What does a Bonsai Grower do?

A Bonsai Grower practices the ancient Asian art form of bonsai, which involves crafting potted plants into miniature representations of full-grown trees. Bonsai literally means “tree in a pot” in both Chinese and Japanese. The job of a Bonsai Grower is a great one if you love both nature and miniatures. You might work in a flower or plant shop, or you might fly solo as a Bonsai Artist, selling your creations to retailers.

In the artistic job of a Bonsai Grower, you’re not simply pruning; you’re training the tree to grow a certain way and to stay small. You do this with scrupulous trimming, some specialty bonsai soil, and a little help from some wire. While clippers and other hand tools are helpful, wire is what aids in creating certain shapes and growth patterns. The materials you use are integral to your art.

You might decide to perfect your techniques with just one type of tree, or you might branch out, as it were, and experiment with new shapes. Bonsai Growers commonly work with juniper or fir. Once you decide what type of tree you want to use, your shape and growth patterns are practically chosen for you.

The type of tree you use dictates the way you grow and prune it. The miniature is meant to resemble its life-size version, so your bonsai should mirror the real thing once finished. And no detail goes unnoticed: Even the pot you place your tree in is a perfect aesthetic fit.

Even after your art reaches its full growth capacity, it will still need attention. Water, sunlight, and the occasional pruning keep your bonsai in tiptop shape.