Bone Glue Maker

Control pressure, temperature, and water level of cooking tanks.

What does a Bone Glue Maker do?

Controls pressure, temperature, and water level of cooking tanks, and operates centrifuges and separators, to manufacture animal glue: Admits hot water and steam into cooking tanks containing crushed animal bones, following specifications [BONE-COOKING OPERATOR]. Opens valves to drain glue and tallow solutions into separate vats [PRESSURE-TANK OPERATOR]. Starts centrifuge machine that separates animal oils from glue solution [CENTRIFUGE-SEPARATOR OPERATOR]. Cooks glue solution to evaporate water from glue. Reads gauge of hydrometer to determine percentage of glue solid in solution. Disassembles plates of centrifuge, using wrench and hoisting device; and cleans plates, using brush and abrasives. May weigh and add specified amounts of chemical to preserve glue. May direct other workers engaged in cleaning tanks or vats.