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Bomb Technician

Investigate cases involving blasts.

What does a Bomb Technician do?

Were you one of those kids who showed all the other kids on the block how to modify fireworks on the 4th of July? Have you been caught concocting homemade bombs in your garage, just for the fun of it? If you have a passion for the inner workings of bombs, then a job as a Bomb Technician might be for you.

Although they don’t spend their days designing or building new bombs, Bomb Technicians could if they chose to because they know enough about them. As a Bomb Technician, you’re specially trained to recognize and disable every type of bomb you might run across. And you run across them a lot, because when a bomb is found, you’re the one to get the call.

You might work odd hours because you never know when you’ll be called to the job. Every bomb scare at the local school, park, church, or festival is directed to you.

When you get the call, you’re quick to respond. You direct the crowd out of the area; sweep the building; locate and identify bombs, chemicals, and biological agents; and deactivate live explosives. In short, you save the day!

In addition to bomb threats, you also investigate explosions. These might include plane crashes, gas main breaks, and car or building blasts. You study the evidence, create a hypothesis about what happened, and write up a report on your findings. For larger investigations, you might even be charged with organizing all the evidence in the case.