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Bomb Loader



Perform the tasks to load, assemble, and pack aerial bombs.

What does a Bomb Loader do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to load, assemble, and pack aerial bombs: Tends machine that loads and compresses thermite and explosive charges into steel noses of bombs. Assembles bombs by joining together component parts and sections, using handtools, cement, riveting machines, and jigs. Spray-paints and tapes nose of bombs to seal perforations. Stamps identification numbers on bombs, using stamping machines. Binds cluster of bombs together with steel bands preparatory to packing to prevent accidental discharge. Packs clusters of bombs into moistureproof steel boxes, using chain hoist. Seals container lids with putty and packs loaded containers into wooden shipping crates, closing crates with hammer and nails. May be designated according to type of bomb loaded as Thermite-Bomb Loader.

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