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Boiling Tub Operator

Tend tanks in which crude tetryl explosive is boiled and washed.

What does a Boiling Tub Operator do?

Tends tanks in which crude tetryl explosive or nitrocellulose is boiled and washed to remove acids and impurities: Admits batch of crude tetryl slurry to boiling tank. Starts tank agitators and turns valve to admit steam to tank jacket to boil slurry for specified time. Pumps off water after material has settled. Pumps fresh water through tank to wash tetryl and flush away impurities. When boiling nitrocellulose, admits acid to tub and boils contents for specified time, adds neutralizing agent, and repeats process until all nitrocellulose impurities are removed. May test acidity of solution, using hydrometer or titration test. When boiling tetryl, is designated Tetryl-Boiling-Tub Operator.