Boilermaker Fitter

Position, align, and secure structural parts of pressure vessels.

What does a Boilermaker Fitter do?

Positions, aligns, and secures structural parts and related assemblies of pressure vessels, such as boilers, tanks, and vats in specified relationship for subsequent permanent assembly by BOILERMAKER I or WELDER, BOILERMAKER. Locates and marks position of parts, using measuring tape, transit, square, and plumb bob. Signals RIGGER to lift parts into position. Aligns parts to specified fit, using dogs, wedges, turnbuckles, jacks, hammers, and drift pins. Cuts, files, and grinds seams and joints to attain specified fit, using cutting torch, file, and power grinder. Straightens or reshapes bent plates or structure, using hammer, jacks, and torch. Clamps, bolts, or tack-welds parts in place for final welding or bolting. Climbs framework or ladders to position, fit, or secure parts. May fit plates, structures, or pipes to repair ships.