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Boiler Operator



Install and maintain massive steam-heating systems used in large buildings.

What does a Boiler Operator do?

Heating, cooling, and bringing energy to a large building-be it a hospital, apartment complex, or private office-takes a lot of work. In order to fulfill their needs, big buildings use boilers that turn water or other liquids into steam or gas, which then heats up or cools down rooms. Boiler Operators are in charge of a building’s boiler, making sure it’s in good working condition, and carrying out routine maintenance work and repairs as necessary.

The job of a Boiler Operator is to know the boiler they’re working with inside and out. If the boiler is new, you, as Boiler Operator, oversee its installation, and if it’s old, you oversee its removal. In between, you keep it operating as safely and efficiently as possible.

You test and monitor how well the gauges and pumps work, clean air filters, remove rust, and test water for unsafe chemical levels. You also make sure the boiler heat doesn’t go above or below the manufacturer’s safety guidelines. All of this ensures that it continues to operate without a hitch.

When a problem does occur, you order new parts and either fix the problem yourself or call a professional. You shut down the boiler during maintenance, making sure to do it as safely as possible and for the shortest amount of time. With any repairs or problems, you keep detailed records of what was done and when, and report issues to your superiors. Periodically throughout the week, you also make reports on the different readings you take, which include things like the amount of condensation and water levels.

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