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Boiler Mechanic

Maintain boilers that produce electricity or heat for businesses.

What does a Boiler Mechanic do?

A Boiler Mechanic repairs and maintains boilers. Boilers are used to produce heat and electricity for homes, businesses, and even entire communities. The daily activities of many people depend on working boilers (and the steam systems they connect to), making this position critical.

If you’re a Boiler Mechanic, you need basic mechanical skills in order to construct, assemble, maintain, and repair boilers. Using hand and power tools alike, you disassemble and reassemble boilers for routine maintenance, cleaning, and inspections. Before long, you’ll likely be able to do this like a champion.

This position also requires you to install manholes, tubes, valves, gauges, and other parts of the boiler system (that is, all the pieces that connect the steam to its final destination). With all the parts you work with, attention to detail is essential. You need to be able to identify potential problem areas, and repair known trouble spots.

Additional mechanical skills such as welding and metalworking are also helpful in this career. Many experienced Boiler Mechanics are responsible for welding structures, parts, and joints together, while ensuring that all pipe joints remain leak-proof.

Basic English and mathematics comprehension and excellent communication skills are also necessary since you read and interpret blueprints and piping designs on a regular basis. Physical strength and stamina are essential as well because you walk, climb, bend, twist, and lift up to 50 pounds repeatedly during your workday. However, knowing that you’re keeping the community warm and supplied with power makes this position both rewarding and challenging.