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Protect the life and safety of you client.

What does a Bodyguard do?

If you’re a Bodyguard (also known as an Executive Security Agent), protecting the life of another human being is just another day at the office. You’re continually on guard, suspicious of everyone and everything, morning, noon, and night. You could work as a Bodyguard for a single client; a group, such as a musical band or a political family; or even a particular location or item. You might live with your client, or you could work in shifts with other Bodyguards as a part of a team, allowing you some time to rest.

Your work is stressful at times, especially when your client goes out in public, but you and the team of other Guards have a system in place to handle any event. A big part of your daily operations involves performing threat assessments, which you do before any public event or outing in order to determine the safety of a particular location. If indoors, you go ahead of your client to survey the space and secure the room(s). These are the aspects of the job-life on the road with VIPs-that sets you apart from a Security Guard.

You’re the elite of security details, and your work could lead you to an office as high as the White House or Mariah Carey’s home. Regardless of who your client is, though, your duties are generally the same. You meet and communicate with your client, and determine the threat level that surrounds them. Then you take the appropriate steps to secure them.

Ultimately, you have to be willing to take a bullet, or otherwise give your life, for another person. If that seems like something you could do, this could be an excellent career for you.

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